Photocall pliable

The definition of Photocall.

Photocall is a medium with which participants in an event are allowed to pose in front of a set during a professional evening, product launch, photo shoot, in a particular place or setting.

The purpose of this background is to have “stars”, “actors”, “any person participating in the evening in front of a set that clearly identifies the event or sponsor.

This approach allows the various media, influencers, Youtubeurs, to highlight the brand or sponsors that appear in the background scenery.
It is therefore a practical, lightweight, interchangeable and transportable advertising tool that can be used anywhere to promote a brand’s image.


(Photocall du gala de Charité organisé par Flora Coquerel en soutien à son association Kelina le 5 octobre2018)

stand 2m25 x 2m25

Photocall du gala de Charité organisé par Flora Coquerel en soutien à son association Kelina le 5 octobre2018.













Why use a Photocall ?

The use of a photocall has also become widespread among individuals to capture memories illustrating different events in their lives such as weddings, birthdays or family celebrations.

This original setting will encourage guests to have their photos taken in the company of the main actors of the festival, or the various sponsors, in front of this support. They will then be able to distribute their photos themselves.

The main idea of the photocall is really to encourage participants to pose in front of this decor often made in trompe l’oeil, creating unique and unforgettable scenes and moments !

This is why a large number of companies, media, organizers of major events, use this tool for product launch evenings, seminars, congresses, for parties, with a well-defined marketing objective, in very different places.

Some tourist offices also use this photocall so that visitors leave with a photo taken in the best conditions and thus convey a very positive image of their region, their city, the place they have just visited and thus make others want to go there.



photocall stand


The portable Photocall stand.

A photocall stand of the “popup stand” type allows it to be used much more widely since it can be moved as many times as necessary, and above all to have a renewed and varied event presentation on any desired location.

It will thus make it possible to effectively spread and enhance the brand through its
practical, lightweight use, its deployment in one minute, but also by the ease with which it can quickly change its image and decor.

It can also be used on both sides or combined with other structures to create a larger image. For this purpose, a tailor-made umbrella structure can also meet your marketing objectives, or your specific needs to highlight your partners during road shows, exhibitions, conferences, end-of-year evenings, or birthdays….

In order to provide a photocall with optimal printing quality we use the process sublimation printing.


photocall pliable photo


What is sublimation printing ?

The fibres of the fabric are dyed directly, which improves the resistance of the colours over time.

The sublimation printing process:
First, the images are printed on a heat-resistant transfer paper as an inverted image from the final drawing, and once printed, the images are transferred hot to the final media.
Indeed, at high temperature (between 180 and 210°) and accompanied by high pressure, the pigments of the sublimation inks are transformed into gas and impregnate the substrate to solidify within the material.

Applied to textiles, this printing process guarantees better image quality even after washing if necessary.


The advantages of printing a photocall in sublimation.

Unsurpassed quality:
sublimation printing offers an extraordinary contrast, intensity and depth. The colours are bright, in a wide range, including high density.

the sublimated fabric absorbs light and thus avoids any reflection on your image.

A more ecological process:
the inks used are solvent and odourless solutions.
The textile/sublimation combination is the most aesthetic solution, offering a better colour rendering, but also the most durable !

How to make a background stand ?

The choice of the background image is essential. It must be pleasant, clear, friendly and make you want to pose in front !
The use of good lighting is also very important to highlight the message or image you want to promote.


The advantages of the POPUP photocall stand.

It is a foldable, robust, transportable wall of images that allows you to change and use several visuals at the same time with a single structure, in a compact and lightweight transport case.

Finally, it can be shipped by mail, air or any other means of transport thanks to its ultra-compact volume and almost instantaneous deployment.