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Caissons Lumineux Portable


The GO system offers its users universal design freedom. PIXLIP GO is a marketing tool, particularly suitable for points of sale, exhibition stands, events and stores. QUICK PIXLIP GO does not know any tools. Thanks to the intelligent and intuitive plug-in system, all components can be connected in a few minutes to a modern advertising space.


The lightweight plastic construction of PIXLIP GO facilitates not only commissioning, but also transportation. Whether it’s a practical carrying case or a comfortable carrying case: PIXLIP GO fits all luggage compartments.


The individually printed fabrics make each PIXLIP GO unique. If the message changes, textiles can be exchanged quickly and easily for new impressions.

PIXLIP GO is the first mobile presentation solution for the temporary advertising and communication industry. The simple plug-in system based on plastic profiles can be assembled without tools and transported in any boot.Among the large number of non-illuminated display systems, the PIXLIP GO LIGHTBOX, moreover, opens up a new perspective for exhibitors: the integrated backlighting demonstrably increases the visual efficiency of advertising messages and thus creates significant added value compared to conventional banner systems.PIXLIP GO is the first mobile and illuminated presentation system made of plastic. The flexible plugin system is based on lightweight plastic profiles covered with textile prints and backlit with integrated LED modules. For quick assembly and dismantling, neither tools nor previous technical knowledge are required. All components are packed in a practical carrying bag.The PIXLIP GO frames are based on an intelligent plug-in system that requires neither tools nor experience. The few components are simply pushed into each other for a perfect fit. Screws and other fixings are not required.. They guarantee a homogeneous illumination of the textiles and generate maximum attention.The individually designed textile prints make each PIXLIP GO product unique. If necessary, the textile can be exchanged or replaced at any time. Thanks to the surrounding rubber lip, the print is simply pressed into the frame groove with the aid of the patented print clip.From quick orientation and accentuation to staging: light plays an outstanding role in the dramaturgical design of advertising spaces. As a creative element of sales promotion, trade fair and promotion stands must stand out from the uniform ambient lighting and set visual accents.But not every light is good light. The lighting must not dazzle the visitors, cause heat or outshine logos and text messages. To avoid these frequent sources of error, PIXLIP GO replaces the classic incident light with integrated backlighting of the advertising motifs. The highly efficient LED modules guarantee a homogeneous illumination of the color-fast textile prints and thus create an effective staging of the advertising message even in daylight.The trade fair and event industry is a very time-sensitive business and constantly demands new and flexible marketing solutions. For all users and exhibitors, mobility is therefore the main focus when selecting the right presentation medium. Modern advertising displays should be quick and easy to set up, but should also be particularly easy and handy to transport.Thanks to its lightweight plastic construction and low weight,PIXLIP GOoffers not only an intuitive design, but also a sophisticated transport system. All LIGHTBOX products can be disassembled into compact parts and stored in a comfortable carrying bag to save space. Compressed into a small space, PIXLIP GO fits in every boot.As a modular construction system, PIXLIP GO offers its users universal freedom of design. To meet the different requirements of the advertising industry, a variety of frame formats are available, which can be combined and linked with each other at will. In this way the system can react to changing requirements at any time.With simple advertising banners, small promotion walls and complete exhibition stands PIXLIP GO serves a wide range of applications. The quick and easy assembly and dismantling of the products also enables spontaneous changes of plans and adjustments on site. Even with a small stock of PIXLIP GO, new creative solutions can be developed again and again.The material also offers UV protection and class V0 plastic fire prevention, which can also be used in airports and exhibition halls. ABS is especially distinguished by its light weight and high stability, making possible the low wear and long lifespan of thePIXLIP GO products. By default, the frames are available in pure white (RAL 9010). On request, however, the frames can be painted in all RAL colors.Illumination of the PIXLIP GO frames is accomplished using our powerful LED modules. Depending on the profile length, the modules carry 12 to 15 LEDs which together generate an output of 45 watts. With a respective lighting effect of 3,000 to 3,800 lumens, one LED module allows a color temperature of approximately 6,500 Kelvin. The result is a colorfast and intensive illumination of the textiles. Power is supplied through an external network connector. The cable is 2 m.All construction parts are CE-certified and through their limited heat development fulfil the usual security provisions for events. Thanks to the comprehensive system concept, the highly efficient modules are pushed into the profile without tools. There they are protected from impacts and other environmental influences.The frame covers are high-quality and very light-fast textiles that are printed with environmentally - friendly ink. Due to the twicesewn rubber lip and the elastic in the fabric, the prints can be easily inserted in the plastic profiles, forming a crease-free surface. A distinction is made between the translucent GO LIGHT and the non-translucent GO BLOCK, which provides a neutral white background. All textiles are of low flammability, in accordance with DIN B1. The simple exchange of technical fabrics enables the regular implementation of temporary marketing measures. The prints can be rolled up and stored until their next use.As a temporary marketing tool, PIXLIP GO products must offer a high level of modularity and flexibility. All LIGHTBOX products are therefore compatible with each other and can be combined again and again. Depending on the requirements, any number of frames can be combined to form large presentation areas. Users currently have eleven different frame formats and two outdoor variants at their disposal.Thanks to their narrow frame width, they enable corner connections between two frames for plannings accurate to the square metre. The available space on a trade fair stand can thus be used ideally.