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Stand Parapluie modulaire Tissu


Embrace is a new innovative fabric SEG pop up system with its unique design offering a sleek, collapsible display that delivers style & substance with minimal effort. Purpose made SEG textile graphics hug the frame to create a crisp, clean back wall, whether you are using a stand-alone frame or take advantage of the systems flexibility by joining multiple frames together to create a straight wall or a seamless 90 degree corner. The embrace is the connoisseurs choice for elegant back walls ideal for photography shoots, exhibition back drops or any retail solution.


• Sharp, crisp, seamless look

• Mount lights on the nodes

• Colour coded nodes denotes front and rear of the structure for easy construction

• Tool free – components slide and click into place

• Linkable

Our MODULAR POPUP STANDS can be adapted to your desires.

As a picture wall or modular stand, the structure with an aluminium frame combines stability and design. You can connect several structures together to create different L or U configurations.

We provide you with a wide range of accessories.
Unfold the modular umbrella stand, build the structure and install the printing.

Our range of MODULAR POPUP STANDS PARAMETERS will give you the visibility and modularity you need.
With its neat design and sillicone finishes, the MODULAR POPUP STANDS will be your best showcase for your products.

Its very fast installation requires no tools.
Be inspired by our MODULAR POPUP STANDS exhibition kits, which will offer you several options.

A simple wall of images or a real exhibition stand, the possibilities are endless. Accessorize the structure with our backlit curtains or our new LED side system. Customize the design of your stand: as backdrops, L-shaped, U-shaped or as a complete stand solution with storage space and an arch.

  • Stands with several dimensions.
  • Storage space with an option to add a door.
  • U-shaped configuration - Storage space with door or curtain.
  • L-shaped configuration - Led or halogen can be added.
  • Arch configuration - Arch configuration with light spot option.