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Portable stand – s’com services, your provider of high-end portable stand

Portable stands are foldable communication supports for exhibiting at trade fairs or exhibitions, with lightweight solutions to meet the mobility needs of an exhibitor.

Are you looking for HIGH RANGE PORTABLE STAND solutions for your exhibitions, congresses, seminars, show rooms, trade fairs, meetings, visual advertising, event communications…?

A single European reference capable of meeting your expectations in terms of the impact and absolute visibility of your poster campaigns: S’COM SERVICES.

S’COM SERVICES is a multiple and varied solution in terms of PORTABLE STAND, it is the passion, taste and sense of a job well done, it is a team of professionals at your disposal, and it is a dynamic and a service system always at the forefront of innovation and progress.

S’COM SERVICES is also a responsible communication solution, concerned about our environment with their ECOLOGICAL or RECYCLABLE PORTABLE STANDS.

Finally, S’COM SERVICES is a list of prestigious clients who trust them.

Whether you are in France or Europe, contact S’COM SERVICES to give your poster campaigns a new face with their HIGH RANGE PORTABLE STANDS.

Portable exhibition stand
Why choose to com services for the purchase or rental of your display media?

Because simply, S’COM SERVICES are the specialists in the design, manufacture and printing of all display systems and supports in terms of PORTABLE EXPOSURE STAND.

Exhibitors of all kinds, advertising agencies, communication agencies, industries, pharmaceutical companies, local authorities, town halls, ministries, federations, associations, etc., you are looking to expose your advertising campaigns on traditional, high-tech and environmentally friendly PORTABLE EXHIBITION STANDS, S’COM SERVICES will be the partner you need with its many services and high-end solutions.

Your advertising campaigns and messages will have an unprecedented impact on S’COM SERVICES’ multi-range PORTABLE EXPOSURE STANDS and multi options, at very competitive prices.

S’COM SERVICES is a complete range of PORTABLE EXHIBITION STAND and DISPLAY SUPPORTS, with multiple custom solutions and services to differentiate you from your competitors in terms of visibility and impact of your campaigns, at the time you exhibit.

Our categories of portable stands

caisson lumineux portable
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Light Boxes

rollup liberty
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Rollup / Banner

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Background- Photocall

stand parapluie
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Popup display

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valise comptoir
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Counter and cases

porte ipad
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Brochure holders / Accessories

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