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The Photocall portable stand

The portable photocall stand is a communication tool that allows event participants to pose in front of a picture wall, a trompe l’oeil or an advertisement. These photocalls are most often used during professional evenings, promotional activities, photo sessions, or advertising campaigns…

The purpose of this call is to highlight the brand or sponsor.

It is practical, lightweight, transportable with an interchangeable visual at will.

It is also used to capture personal and family memories at special events such as weddings, birthdays or family celebrations.

This photocall stand will allow guests to have their picture taken with the actors of the party, or stars, to promote different sponsors or a particular event. This way, they can distribute their photos themselves and relay the event.

The main idea of the photocall booth is to encourage participants to pose and promote the event on their own by distributing their photos on social networks.

This is why the portable photocall stand is used by many companies, media, sponsors for launch parties, seminars, parties, with a marketing objective in different places.

The main advantages of the photocall stand

It is a portable and mobile marketing tool that is easy to use and has an irreproachable advertising impact. Ideal for travelling events in all locations and to equip sales forces with frequent use.

It can be sent by post, by courier, even by air, thus meeting everyone’s needs.

Our categories of portable stands

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