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The POP UP STAND is a wall of images, dismountable, whose visual can easily be changed in your living rooms, showrooms, entrance halls, trade fairs? roadshow, events….
This communication medium belongs to the so-called “POP UP stands” family because of its ease of use and assembly. Its structure looks and unfolds like an umbrella, that’s where its name comes from.

The advantage of this communication tool, the popup stand, is that it has a structure that allows (in addition to being foldable) to use different communication games. And thus to be able to easily change its visual according to events.
The POP UP STAND will be an essential element for all your POS during your marketing campaigns. To optimize the display of your campaigns and its impact, S’COM SERVICES will offer you a complete range of designer POPUP STANDS, high-tech, lightweight, easily transportable, mountable, removable, foldable, textile, magnetic, robust, reliable, and modular.

The S’COM SERVICES POPUP STANDS will be installed and dismantled in a few minutes, existing in several sizes and formats, on both sides for some models, will be very easily transportable in their nylon cover. With two possible forms of popup stand: curves and straight.
The modularity and the possibility of assembling different structures together make it possible to cover stands of up to 18m² and much more. It is possible to combine a back display with a front visual to form curves and set up dynamic communication.
And so to provide a large communication surface on different spaces.

The advantages of a popup stand:

Its lightness, ease of installation and assembly, its various possible combinations and the compatibility between a straight and a curved hopup stand. Allowing to exhibit in different situations, different places of exposure with different possibilities of personalization.
All this with assembly in less than 10 minutes and without any tools or skills required.

To finish with a major advantage which is its price: a strong argument that attracts companies to the popup stand, a communication support ready to display.
For its POP UP STAND in Fabric for example, S’COM SERVICES may also offer to transport it in a rotomoulded container, which can be transformed into a counter.
Whether you are in France or Europe, by connecting to the S’COM SERVICES website, you will discover its complete and varied range of PORTABLE STANDS also called POP UP at competitive prices, some models of which are currently on sale.

What is a Photocall popup stand?

The PHOTOCALL POPUP STAND is a foldable communication stand that allows you to change your image or visual according to your advertising campaigns…

This PHOTOCALL POPUP STAND is a foldable support that allows you to highlight your brand in different places.

It can be carried in a compact suitcase with wheels, with an interchangeable visual on occasion.

It can also be used for family events such as weddings, family celebrations, birthdays or bachelorette parties.

The PHOTOCALL POPUP STAND will allow to immortalize these moments offering the possibility to the guests to take a picture in front of the event. And to be able to share them by publishing their photos on social networks.

This PHOTOCALL POPUP STAND is therefore also used by the media, major brands, for presentation and promotional evenings as well as in shopping centres.

A PHOTOCALL POPUP STAND can be used anywhere, anytime by anyone. Ultra compact and lightweight, it can also be shipped from one user to another.